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Rabbit Essentials at iHawk Pet Store

We are committed to offering you a comprehensive range of rabbit supplies, meticulously curated to ensure your furry companions lead a life that is both healthy and fulfilling.

Rabbit Food & Nutrition

Discover our extensive selection of premium rabbit food brands, each carefully chosen to cater to the specific dietary needs of your rabbit. Whether you own a Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, or any other breed, we have the ideal nutritional solutions for every rabbit.
  • Hay Varieties: Our hay selections are tailored to different rabbit breeds, ensuring they receive the essential fiber and nutrients.
  • Pelleted Food: For a balanced and complete diet, we offer pelleted food suitable for various rabbit breeds.
  • Treats & Supplements: Elevate your rabbit's diet with our selection of treats and supplements, designed to offer nutritional enrichment.
Habitats & Accessories

Provide your rabbit with a secure and comfortable living environment through our selection of habitats and accessories. We offer various enclosure sizes and styles to accommodate your rabbit's needs and complement your home's aesthetic.
  • Small & Medium Habitats: Ideal for smaller breeds, our habitats offer a safe and cozy space.
  • Large Habitats: For larger breeds, we feature spacious enclosures with room for toys, platforms, and ample exercise.
  • Accessories: Personalize your rabbit's habitat with bedding, feeding dishes, and other accessories to create an engaging environment.
Toys & Enrichment

Keep your rabbit mentally and physically active with our extensive range of toys and enrichment products. Find toys suitable for all rabbit sizes and types, from interactive puzzles to chew toys and more.
  • Interactive Toys: Engage your rabbit's cognitive abilities with toys that challenge their problem-solving skills.
  • Chew Toys: Offer your rabbit a variety of chew toys to help maintain dental health.
  • Tunnels & Hideouts: Encourage natural burrowing and hiding instincts with tunnels and hideouts.
Rabbit Grooming & Health

Maintain your rabbit's coat and overall health with our grooming and wellness products. Our selection includes grooming brushes, nail clippers, and health supplements to keep your rabbit in peak condition.
  • Grooming Tools: Keep your rabbit's coat in excellent condition with our grooming tools.
  • Health Supplements: Support your rabbit's well-being with supplements designed to enhance digestive health, fur condition, and overall vitality.
Health & Safety

Explore our range of healthcare products, including flea and tick control, habitat cleaning supplies, and emergency kits to ensure your rabbit remains in optimal health.
  • Flea & Tick Control: Safeguard your rabbit from common pests with effective flea and tick control solutions.
  • Habitat Cleaning Supplies: Maintain a clean and hygienic living space for your rabbit with our selection of cleaning products.
  • Emergency Kits: Be prepared for any situation with our emergency supplies, including wound care and bandages.
Choose iHawk Pet Store for All Your Rabbit's Needs

At iHawk Pet Store, we are passionate about rabbits and dedicated to their well-being. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Whether you are an experienced rabbit owner or new to the world of rabbit care, join us in providing your furry friends with the best possible environment in which to thrive. Explore the extensive world of rabbit supplies at iHawk Pet Store today and make every day a great day for your furry companions.