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Concentrated Red Worm Liquid Fishing Bait

Concentrated Red Worm Liquid Fishing Bait

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Product Introduction:

Product category: comprehensive bait
Bait form: water
Product description: This product is made of a variety of amino acids, pheromones and other fish attractants. The fish luring spray mixed with Gart pharmaceutical liquor is characterized by fast fish luring and long nest life.
Suitable for fish: crucian carp, carp, grass carp, tilapia and other freshwater fish
Suitable fishing spots: black pits, lakes and reservoirs, rivers and wild ponds
Main ingredients: amino acid, food attractant
Usage: This product can be directly sprayed on various baits or nest materials to attract fish.
After preparing the food or nest food, add 10ml to every 200g of food
Add less at high temperature, add more at low temperature, add more water and fertilizer, add less water and lean, and do not add more(
200 grams of bait should not exceed 20 ml) to avoid excessive death.

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1*   Fishing Bait

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